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Get ready for 2017!

It’s about to go down! You asked for it! Here it is! The Community Event of the Year! You don’t want to miss it!

2016 Highlights

If you didn't attend this year's event, checkout the highlights below and make sure you don't miss the 2nd Annual Love & Basketball 2017 All-Star Event Weekend!

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Check out the team behind the scenes of the Love & Basketball 2017 All-Star Event!

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Victoria Felder

Founder & Visionary

Owner of aNEW viLLaGe

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Adrian Felder

Content Marketing

Owner of AD Photography & Video

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Marvin Elmore

Web Designer & Developer

Owner of

…”to say to everybody about Love & Basketball is it’s something that we want to continue to do. The reason that we ended up doing it again in the first place was to get people to start finding the power in the midst of their pain and create something and do something that’s bigger than yourself that can connect your community back to together.”

Victoria Felder

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